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Available Opportunities

Full time Certified Nurse Midwife

Education requirement: Master’s Degree

Experience requirement: 1-2 years in out of hospital birth or 2 yrs MW or RN L&D experience


  • Has a minimum of two years experience in full-scope midwifery practice.
  • Currently licensed to practice midwifery in New York State or allowed to practice in NY under present emergency laws.
  • Qualifies for malpractice insurance.
  • Has current certification or recent expiration of  adult and infant BLS and NRP.

The position includes 8 calls per 4 week block and 1 clinic day per week.  Benefits include continuing education reimbursement, Simple IRA, 3 weeks vacation and employer health insurance contribution.

How to apply/contact

Please send your CV and cover letter to Dr. Veridiano at info@brooklynbirthingcenter.com or ring (718) 336-4119 for a confidential discussion.

Medical Assistant / Front Desk


Provides day to day medical assistance to the clinical midwifery staff and supplemental office support when time allows.


  1. At minimum – a high school graduate with interest in promoting women’s health.
  2. Medical Assistant Certificate.
  3. Previous experience as a medical assistant or birth assistant.
  4. Supportive of the birth center philosophy.
  5. Good rapport with clients and works cooperatively with all staff.
  6. All office staff members must complete training related to infant feeding education and support. For details, please see Infant Feeding Policy. (Added March 30, 2016).

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Prepares and reviews charts for the day.
  2. Assures that all lab work, ultra-sound or specialist referral reports are in chart.
  3. Prepares & transcribes received reports for review by the midwife.
    • If such reports are not received within 3 days of work being done, will call for report and/or advise midwife of delay in receipt of same.
  4. Teaches new Obstetric clients how to do and interpret results of urine dipstick which may be performed on the urine culture taken routinely at the initial visit (after transfer to transport tube).  Instructs them on proper use of scale (lbs. instead of kg.)
    • Prior to visit, takes client’s vital signs & records weight and urine dipstick results.
    • Draws bloods as specified by midwife, makes or arranges for client to make appointments for sonograms or other special consults, procedures etc. as specified by midwife.
    • Assists with history taking.


Responsible to the Midwife Director and the Midwife on call in the office.

Contact: Sue Chan, Chief Operating Officer
Email address: Sue@jazzbirthcenter.com